About us

The Jochgrimm Ski School was founded in the 1970s by the unforgettable Pichler brothers Peter and Karl from Rentsch (Bozen). They were the first to recognize that a ski resort had to have its own ski school. After the brothers’ tragic deaths (Peter died under an avalanche on Schwarzhorn in 1975; Karl, the then manager of the Italian national ski team, died in a car accident in New Zealand while there for a training camp), Heini Dalsass from Leifers took over and managed the school until 1989, followed by 23-year-old Roland Antholzer.

Roland Antholzer has since brought the school to model standards, focussing chiefly on teaching children and training snowboarders and cross-country skiers. The school also offers racing courses and holds and organises upon request. Beginners can get to the top of the beginners’ slope on a mobile carpet lift. All of this is available at very competitive prices on a market that is often over-expensive. Jochgrimm ski resort – affordable ski passes and food, and a special focus on families.

All of our 13 ski instructors come from the surrounding areas of Ueberetsch and Unterland. Leo Pichler, our most senior instructor, embarking on his 25th season this year, lives in Terlan. Manager Roland Antholzer and instructors Roland Franceschini, Jürgen Braun, Günther Kössler, Daniel Meraner, Andreas Hell, Gerd and Andreas Vieider, as well as snowboard instructors Christoph Riegler und Hansjörg Kager are from Eppan. Christoph Kompatscher hails from Kaltern, Wolfi Pernstich and Barbara Ascher live in Tramin, Manfred Varesco lives in Montan. The managing director of ski apparel producer Vist, Elmar Stimpfl from Neumarkt, is our last resort in case of teacher shortage. Our cross-country trainer Tullio Vinante comes from Tesero, our secretary Kathrin Pichler and our helpers Franz and Norbert Pichler from Montan.

Our school’s strong points are our personnel’s zeal and enthusiastic love of their job. The fact that being a ski instructor is not their main profession may contribute to that. On Christmas, when visitor numbers to the resort reach their peak (our visitors are mostly Italian guests staying in nearby Cavalese), all our instructors are present.

However, not all of them are needed throughout the whole season. Some take a week off work in order to teach the increasing numbers of German, Italian and British school classes visiting Jochgrimm. “Flexibility is our greatest strength,” says manager Roland Antholzer, “as is our dedication to teaching children.” You may well see instructors helping kids on their way to the toilets or taking them to the hotel bar for a hot chocolate while outside the slopes are waiting.