A ski school that puts children above all else.
Little Magdalena puts on her most radiant smile. Her ski goggles twitch a little bit and her nose is running, but she doesn’t mind. Standing right next to Magdalena is euphoric little Julian, with gaps between his teeth and a happy kid’s smile on his face. After a mere three days of ski school, they just mastered one of the many little off-piste ski tracks on Jochgrimm.

Magdalena’s and Julian’s instructor belongs to the Jochgrimm Ski School team. And all instructors, easily recognized by their bright red uniforms, share a sort of motto: Skiing is about education and learning. But above all, it’s great fun. With its fantastic scenery between Weißhorn and Schwarzhorn, Jochgrimm is quite the ideal place for winter fun.
The two short learners’ slopes are an excellent starting point for both children and grownups who want to learn the basics of skiing. And once they feel confident enough, trying an off-piste track will make their day just perfect.

Off-piste tracks are especially fun – there is nothing better than trying jumps and sharp turns on a selfmade track amidst mountain pines and forest trees. And it’s even more fun when done in groups. Our instructors are always there to make sure there is no danger involved, and deliberately include off-piste skiing in their programme in order to give learners the best possible training.

The Jochgrimm ski instructors are a charming bunch indeed. At the moment, there are 13 ski instructors working full time (especially around Christmas) for ski school manager Roland Antholzer. Mr. Antholzer has managed “the best and most handsome team of ski instructors”, as some teachers jokingly refer to it, for the last 16 years. “Our uniforms make us the most handsome, and we’re definitely the best because we teach so many kids how to ski.”